National e-Learning Center

  • Having  (22) Sub-Centers at Egyptian universities, contain all the equipment required, and all the human resources ... uelc contacts
  • Production and development of many e-learning applications and tools (IDS, ECG, LSIS, EVLP, NELC authoring tools , e-course situation directory , e-course evaluation directory , task manger , online arbitration , online evaluation , auto activation  ). ... more
  • Production more than 577 e-courses for miscellaneous scientific fields contain more than 6000  learning objects ... more
  • Activation of 376 e-course with  average activation use  54.39 %  in the same university ( academic year 2012/2013) ... more
  • Marketing of 315 e-course with  average activation use  59.8 %   in other university ( academic year 2012/2013) ... more
  • NELC team has produced more than 75 learning object containing  more than 1000 interactive multimedia slide for  the police academy
  • Utilization more than 2500 faculty staff member of the national e_learning center  program and e_course
  • Utilization more than 309,000 students  of the national e_learning center  program and  e_course
  • Begin the contracting procedures of  advanced  virtual labs to serve the Egyptian universities ... more
  • Implementation of  NELC Digital Media Library (DML) ... more
  • Starting  the implementation of the second phase of the competitive academic programs where the first  phase provide the producing of more than 20% of the  3 academic  program course ... more
  • Activate the   " eductional resource initiative "  in 10 universities ... more
  • Evolving  new patterns or  e-course production patterns
  • The extract of more than 371 e-course  validity  Certificate for use in Egyptian universities
  • Evaluation of e-courses which have been production outside NELC or UELC
  • Organization  many workshops and training in e-learning field for the following categories: (e-content developer, graphic designer, instructional designer , training coordinators) ... more
  • Build  a database for experts in all scientific fields


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